TikTok TTS

Use the voices you know and love!

What is QuickVids?
QuickVids's main feature is a Discord bot that allows you to embed Tiktok videos easily in your Discord server.



The team behind QuickVids is a group of developers who are passionate about creating the best Discord bots possible. We strive to make our bots as easy to use as possible, while still providing a wide range of features. We will never lock the core embedding feature, ever. We just like being able to share those funny TikTok videos with our friends.


We strike a balance between simplicity and functionality. We want to make it as easy as possible to share memes, clips, and videos with your friends.


We will never sell your data or use it for anything other than providing you with the best experience possible. Everything we do is transparent and in our privacy policy.


Discord is our home. We are a Discord bot, and proud to be a part of the Discord community. With our servers growing every day, it is our goal to keep our users satisfied.

The Future

We are always looking to improve, add new features, and make the best Discord bot possible. Come join our Discord server to help us make QuickVids the best it can be.